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Almost every investor is kind of familiar with the general rules for investing wisely and building wealth.

But when it comes to putting things into practice, a lot of people inadvertently make common investing mistakes that seriously undermine their goals and take them off track.

A sound investing strategy is key in supporting your life goals and your financial wellbeing. Being a successful market participant over the years is easy, but not simple.

In fact, while lots of great investors, authors, and financial planners have laid down the strategies (some of them incredibly simple and almost…

The Really Simple Truth

Is it still possible to make money blogging in 2021? Do you already have a blog or are you planning to create one?
Do you feel a bit confused while virtually all the world tells you “you must start your blog right now”?

I’ve been here and, quite frankly, working things out might not be an easy task. If that’s the case, I hope that this post will clarify things for you, helps you to understand more about blogging and if it’s something that fits you.

If you keep reading, you will find valuable insights on how to make money…

Reading these books will literally make you rich if you do what’s inside

Reading personal finance books like these and taking action upon them will make you rich.

Maybe not today or tomorrow, but if you have the right consistency over time you will get richer and will have a happier relationship with money.

The way to manage your finances in a way that helps your life and makes you free is written by many, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

With all the bestsellers written in the last 80–100 years, taking the time to read, learn, and understand is a great investment and exceptionally good use of your time.

If this…

Financial Facts vs. Financial Noise

Every day, thousands of bits of information compete with each other to get a little piece of your attention and it is so easy to experience information overload in many areas of our life.

When talking about investing, there is plenty of financial information out there that is so easy to feel overwhelmed, and often times is hard to make any decision based on what you hear, read or see.

Financial Information Overload

Just a few decades ago, accessing information could have been a problem for most individual investors. …

It’s only a matter of time before an investor ask himself “can I do better than the market?”

We all invest pursuing the end result of growing our money and surely it is a relevant question to ask and making some extra money being smarter than average surely sounds good, but is it really worth pursuing?

What does “beating the market” mean?

First and foremost: what market are we talking about?

Although the term “market” is used loosely to refer to financial markets, we need to be more precise and those are not details.

One must define whether he is considering the international stock market, the…

If your goal is for the long-term, your thinking and actions must be for the long-term

Stock market sentiment can change really fast in a matter of days and volatility may spike immediately creating a roller coaster in stock prices. Managing our emotions when the market is regularly changing direction is vital for long-term investing success.

We lived that on our skin in the last few months with the big sell-off that followed the coronavirus outbreak and the high levels of volatility. The virus was around since the last months of 2019 but the risk was suddenly priced by financial markets creating an important crash.

One day investors are bullish, the other day are tremendously bearish…

Mr. Market, your greatest ally for investment success

In this period of high uncertainty for investors, a winning investing mindset and a strong temperament are the things that can make all the difference.

In this article, we are going to look at Warren Buffett’s comment on taking advantage of Mr. Market from the letters to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders of 1987 and 2012.

This is an emotional period of time for investors it is easy to get stuck or act based upon the fear that causes negative long-term consequences. …

The Implications Behind Flattening The Epidemic Curve

Originally published at https://moderntimesinvestors.com on April 8, 2020.

The worldwide spread of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is the black swan of 2020. It is the main cause that spurred a chain of events that are currently devastating our ordinary life and the economy.

While we all hope that conditions improve as quickly as possible, the real middle-term consequences of the coronavirus are still unknown and to some extent unforeseeable.

Just one month ago, hardly anybody would have seriously imagined the world economy in almost complete lockdown and over a million infections.

This article wants to put things into perspective and…

How and why you should consider to take advantage of the sell-off

Although market crashes are scary and a tough test of your emotions, they usually present extremely good buying opportunities for the long-term investors that knows what they are doing and are willing to go against the majority.

However, despite the big crash we already seen (-28% from the last peak), should you start buying stocks now? Is the stock market crash over or there is still room to crash? How to know where we are now?

Is the Stock Market Crash Over?

As I am writing, the financial markets worldwide are having another one bad day after another and the generalized sell-off continues. In U.S. …

Rising fear and stocks plunging: what’s next?

Last week (9–13 march 2020) has been a very turbulent week on the markets. We saw extreme market changes to the downsides and the first part of what could become a much worse stock market crash.

The situation is extremely uncertain and we could really be at a turning point for the economy.

As the coronavirus keeps expanding and countries start their lockdown in order to slow down contagion, besides worldwide stock markets plunging, we may soon face serious challenges in the real economy.

Despite coronavirus being around since the beginning of the year 2020, it affected financial markets “all…

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